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Lugols solution. Solutio Lugoli.

Structure: iodine - 1 g, potassium iodide - 2 g, water - 17 g.

Drug Release Form. Vials with liquid.

The use and dose of the drug. Outwardly for lubrication of affected areas of the skin, rarely - the mucous membrane of the pharynx, larynx. Inside, 5-10 drops 2 times a day after meals (in milk).

Drug action. A solution of alcohol iodine locally has an antiseptic, irritating, distracting and anti-inflammatory effect. Resorptively normalizes thyroid function (part of thyroglobulin; small doses of iodine inhibit the thyroid-stimulating function of the pituitary gland and are used to treat hyperthyroidism). Increases lecithin / cholesterol coefficient in the blood, promotes resorption of granulomas and gives an expectorant effect.

Indications for use. Locally for the treatment of the hands of the surgeon, wounds, surgical field; furunculosis, fungal skin diseases (actinomycosis, etc.), neuralgia, myositis, nonspecific pleurisy. Inside with hypo- and hyperthyroidism, endemic goiter, atherosclerosis, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, tertiary syphilis, rheumatism, poisoning with mercury and lead.

Contraindications. For oral administration - pulmonary tuberculosis, nephritis, nephrosis, furunculosis, acne, chronic pyoderma, hemorrhagic diathesis, urticaria, pregnancy, idiosyncrasy.

Possible side effects. Dermatitis., Urticaria, skin rash, thrombocytopenic purpura, iodism phenomena (skin rashes, fever, runny nose; lymphadenopathy, suffocation, jaundice, hematuria, etc.).

Treatment of complications and poisoning. Gently flush the stomach with 1% sodium thiosulfate solution. Inside 100 ml of 1% solubility thiosulfate. Starch mucus, milk, egg whites. Diphenhydramine. Prednisone. Promedol .. Adrenaline. Intubation. Mechanical ventilation. Isotonic sodium chloride solution. Intravenously 30% sodium thiosulfate solution. Oxygen therapy. Forced diuresis. In case of chronic poisoning inside sodium chloride and cortisone acetate topically.

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