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Pharmacological properties

Gedelix cough syrup and Gedelix drops without alcohol are herbal medicines containing the active substance an extract of thick ivy leaves, the therapeutic effect of which for inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract is based on the secretolytic, mucolytic and antispasmodic properties of glycosidic saponins contained in ivy leaves.

The therapeutic effect of the drugs is presumably due to irritation of the gastric mucosa, in which the secretory bronchial glands of the bronchial mucosa are reflexively stimulated by sensitive fibers of the parasympathetic system.


Symptomatic treatment of cough with colds of the respiratory tract, chronic diseases of the bronchi.


Gedelix cough syrup should be used undiluted, regardless of the meal.

The duration of the drug without consulting a doctor should not exceed several days.

The table below shows the use of the drug for different age groups.


The use of cough syrup in patients of different age groups

Age group The number of receptions per day Single dose, ml The maximum daily dose of the active component, mg
Adults and children over 10 years old 3 5 300
Children aged 4–10 years 4 2,5 200
Children aged 1 to 4 years 3 2,5 150
Children under 1 year old 1 2,5 50

In the package Gedelix cough syrup is a measuring spoon with a capacity of 5 ml, which has divisions 1/4, 1/2 and 3/4that corresponds to 1.25; 2.50 and 3.75 ml.

Gedelix drops without alcohol should be applied undiluted, regardless of the meal, with plenty of water.

Children are advised to take the drug diluted in fruit juice or tea.

The duration of use depends on the type and severity of the disease, but even with a mild course of respiratory disease, treatment must be carried out for at least 1 week. After the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease, treatment should be continued for 2-3 days.

The duration of the drug without consulting a doctor should not exceed several days.

The use of the drug for different age groups.

Age group Single dose Multiplicity of reception Daily dose
Adults and children over 10 years old 31 drops 3 times / day 93 drops
Children aged 4–10 years 21 drops 3 times / day 63 drops
Children aged 2–4 years 16 drops 3 times / day 48 drops


Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, BA and other diseases of the respiratory tract, accompanied by pronounced sensitivity of the respiratory tract; insufficiency in the body of argininosuccinate synthetase (metabolic disorders in the urea cycle). syrup should not be used in patients with hereditary fructose intolerance. for a preparation in the form of drops, also a tendency to laryngospasm.

Side effects

The incidence of adverse reactions below is estimated

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