Decorative cosmetics

Decorative cosmetics is a tool with which you can create a daytime, evening look, improve it, emphasize advantages and disguise appearance flaws. Decorative cosmetics is a set of special tools used to create makeup. It includes: Foundation. They hide redness, pigmentation on the skin, protect from dust, UV rays, and also fix makeup. To achieve a good result, it is imperative to take into account the color and texture of the skin when choosing.

Proofreaders. With the dark and light accents of the corrector, you can reshape your face while hiding imperfections. Blush. They are able to give a fresh glow and highlight the cheekbones. Lip products. Allows you to focus on the lips and adjust the shape. Decorative products for eyes and eyebrows. They will help to visually enlarge the eyes and add expressiveness to them. You can emphasize the effect of decorative cosmetics with the help of additional products - highlighters, primers, illuminators, shimmers and other products for a perfect make-up.

There are also a few secrets to make your makeup look sophisticated and more lasting: Before applying foundation, be sure to degrease your skin with an alcohol-free toner and lotion. It is necessary to apply the tone strictly along the massage lines. In this way, you can avoid many wrinkles and make your face look more toned. Before applying bright lipstick, place some foundation on your lips - then the color will look rich and juicy. Powdering your lashes before applying mascara will make them look longer and fuller. Never put a lot of makeup on your face. Even if you want to hide dark spots or bruises under the eyes, a thick layer of concealer or tint will work in the opposite direction and you will get the effect of a mask.

For several years, representatives of the beauty industry have been actively increasing the production of natural cosmetics. Natural decorative cosmetics helps to take care not only of human health, but also of the environment as a whole. When buying decorative cosmetics, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the tightness of the packaging and the date of manufacture of the goods. Rules for storing decorative cosmetics at home. Cosmetics other than cleansers should not be stored in the bathroom. Unstable air temperature and high humidity can change the composition, consistency of the product and shorten the shelf life. Also, the heat of an electric lamp in the bathroom can heat bottles, jars and thereby render the product unusable. Check periodically the expiration dates of your cosmetics. If you have once purchased an expensive luxury brand product, this does not mean that it will be stored in a cosmetic bag forever. Do not experiment with expired products - they can do great harm to your skin. Highlight a makeup shelf in a dark place with a temperature of 12 to 20 degrees. This is the perfect place to store your cosmetics. After using a cosmetic product, be sure to close the jar and cap tightly. Otherwise, dust and bacteria get into them, after which the product ceases to be suitable.

Uriage Bariesun tonal sunscreen cream, SPF50 [light]

Uriage Bariesun tonal sunscreen cream, SPF50 [light]

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