Pharmacy cosmetics

Pharmacy cosmetics are a special category of skin care products that are not always found in supermarkets and beauty stores. Some manufacturers supply it to ordinary retail chains, but the most famous French, Swiss and German brands prefer to sell their products in pharmacies or in their own stores. This borderline between pharmacy cosmetics and traditional products is quite reasonable.

Cosmetic companies spend huge amounts of money to create new substances, study the compatibility of components and invent ways to deliver them to the deepest epidermal layers. They pay for laboratory research of creams and lotions, testing on volunteers, so the result is highly effective and safest products.

It is best to buy cosmetics in pharmacies to combat dry skin and age-related changes, eliminate acne, reduce age spots and stretch marks. Thanks to the verified composition, the funds successfully eliminate rashes and redness, reduce the production of sebaceous secretions, bind and retain water in the tissues well.

It is believed that such products work on the placebo principle, that is, the skin condition improves only because a pharmacy employee in a white coat recommended a cream or tonic. But, if you compare the result from ordinary cosmetics and those that were developed in the laboratory, the effect is really noticeable. The complex balanced formula can contain thermal water and highly purified phytoextracts, which cannot be found in the mass market.

Unlike traditional cosmetics, pharmacy lines usually do not contain fragrances. Manufacturers do not burden the composition with them - any synthetic additive interferes with the delivery of nutrients to the deep layers of the skin. Also, fragrances are often potential allergens - this is unacceptable in the care of sensitive skin of the body and face.

Pharmacy products usually do not contain dyes - they can be potentially dangerous. For example, beige and pink in cosmetics provide pigments that can negatively affect biochemical processes in the body.

High cost is not always an indicator of quality, but in the case of well-known brands of pharmacy cosmetics, it is justified. The price includes rare components and many clinical safety studies.

It is not for nothing that pharmacy cosmetics are called medicinal - ingredients that are avoided in conventional products effectively work in its composition. Cosmetic brands introduce substances with therapeutic properties into their products, which are used in pharmaceuticals.

It can be mineral oils, liquid and solid paraffins, alcohol. In the correct formula, they have a healing effect, prolong and enhance the action of other components. Mineral oil protects the skin from the introduction of pathogens, alcohol dries out inflammation well and reduces sebum secretion. Paraffins are universal conductors of herbal extracts into damaged tissues.

It is in pharmacies that it is better to purchase products for problem skin. For example, rosacea or telangiectasia - thickening of the walls of the smallest vessels of the skin without inflammation - will help to eliminate pharmaceutical cosmetics with troxerutin, metronidazole and retinoic ointment.

Pigmented spots on the body and freckles in the décolleté can be removed or reduced with creams and serums containing glycolic, salicylic, tartaric and lactic acids, as well as arbutin and beta-carotene.

Acne is usually caused by a blockage of the sebaceous glands and is complicated by a bacterial infection. Here we need cosmetics with benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, zinc oxide, essential oils of medicinal plants.

Creams with natural oils are effective against the external manifestations of cellulite. Dry skin of the body will be moisturized by products with urea, and oily skin will be balanced by formulations with azelaic acid, allantoin, panthenol and bisabolol.

In the composition of pharmacy anti-aging products, there is always hyaluronic acid - it stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, which fills the voids in the extracellular matrix and restores elasticity to the skin.

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