Dermatocosmetics are products with cosmetic and therapeutic effects. Some believe that such products can only be bought at a pharmacy, but in reality this is not the case, because dermatocosmetics does not belong to the category of drugs.

The main difference between medical and dermatocosmetics is that its formulas contain specific active ingredients with proven effectiveness. They are developed by specialist cosmetologists, dermatologists and have a more intense effect on the skin. That is why these funds effectively cope with many problems: acne, hypersensitivity, age-related changes, etc.

In dermatocosmetics, the same oils, hyaluronic acid and natural extracts can be used as in conventional ones. But with the difference that they are added to medicinal products in a different effective concentration, and at the production stage they undergo a deeper and more thorough cleansing. Dermatocosmetics are non-irritating, can be used for very sensitive skin and only contain preservatives that have been tested for safety.

Who should use dermatocosmetics? - Anyone whose skin has certain problems or requires careful care. It is ideal if your doctor prescribes cosmetics for treatment and care, especially if you have serious skin problems. And if you just need more powerful and effective care, and you decide to try medicinal cosmetics, then you should take into account the type and condition of the skin, the presence of problems, and based on this, select funds.

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