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Placenta compositum

Structure: 2.2 ml injection solution contains: Placenta suis D6, Embryo suis D8, Vena suis D8, Arteria suis D10, Funiculus umbilicalis suis D10, Hypophysis suis D10, Secale cornutum D4, Acidum sarcolacticum D4, Nicotiana tabacum D10, Strophanthusgratus Dipp6 , Melilotus officinalis D6, Cuprum sulphuricum D6, Natrium pyruvicum D8, Barium carbonicum D13, Plumbum jodatum D18, Vipera berus D10, Solanum nigrum D6 - 22 μl each. Excipients: isotonic (0.9%) solution of sodium chloride q.s.


·Disturbances of peripheral blood circulation and microcirculation with:

atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, obliterating endarteritis, trophic ulcers, bedsores, residual effects of stroke, clouding of the cornea, degenerative and vascular diseases of the inner ear, elephantiasis, varicose veins, hypogalactia

·Fetoplacental insufficiency


Contraindications:individual sensitivity to the components of the drug.

Side effects: not identified.

Dosage and route of administration of the Placenta compositumfor adults: usually 1 ampoule s / c, i / c, i / m, including segmentally, to acupuncture points, by mesotherapy, if necessary - i / v 1-2 times a week; in acute cases - 1 ampoule daily, for 2-3 days, or after day No. 3-5.

If parenteral administration is not possible, the drug can be taken orally (in the form of ): shake a single dose in the mouth or dissolve in 50 ml of water and drink throughout the day.

Usually, persecution lasts 3-6 weeks.

Interaction with other drugs:without features.

Special instructions Placenta compositum:

With hyperthyroidism, thyrotoxicosis, due to the content of iodine-containing component Plumbum jodatum D18 in the preparation, an increase in the functional activity of the thyroid gland is possible. Therefore, the drug Placincomposite is recommended to be used only under the supervision of a doctor.

Pharmacological properties

The composition of the placenta compositum is18 natural potentized ingredients:

suis organ:


Placenta suis D6

(from the placenta)

Peripheral circulation disorders, pressure sores, painful skin cracks, eczema, ulcers. Cramps in the calf muscles. Scleroderma.

Embryo suis D8

(from embryo)

Arteriosclerosis, muscular dystrophy.

An agent for the treatment of cell phases (according to the table of homotoxicosis).

Vena suis d8

(from the vein wall)

Circulatory disorders, venous congestion, leg ulcers, varicose veins. Intermittent claudication. Periarteritis. Cramps in the calf muscles.

Arteria suis D10

(from artery wall)

Circulatory disorders. Gangrene of the extremities, including diabetes. Cramps in the calf muscles. Periarteritis. Intermittent claudication.

Funiculus umbilicalis suis D10(from umbilical cord fabric)

Any chronic diseases and damage to the connective tissue. Arteriosclerosis. Vascular disease. Blood supply disorders. Vegetative dystonia.

Autoaggressive diseases. Collagenoses. Otosclerosis. Elephantiasis.

Hypophysis suis D10

(from pituitary tissue)

Impaired pituitary and endocrine glands. Violations of the functions of enzymes. Dizziness. Violation of the functions of connective tissue.




Acidum sarcolacticum D4

(right-handed isomer of lactic acid)

Disorders of cellular nutrition. Diabetes.

Muscle pain.

Natrium pyruvicum D8

(sodium salt of pyruvic acid)

Disorders of central and peripheral circulation. Gangrene, leg ulcers. Peripheral circulatory disorders in diabetes mellitus (diabetic gangrene).

Frostbite. Vascular collapse. Angina pectoris. Migraine.




Secale cornutum D4

(Ergot is a fungus parasitizing on ears of rye)

Disorders of blood supply to tissues in diseases of the peripheral arteries. Numbness of limbs, creeping goosebumps. Flabby, pale, cold skin, pinpoint hemorrhages on the skin. Gangrene. Varicose ulcers. Violations of autonomic regulation. Violations of mental and intellectual functions (difficult thinking and speech, forgetfulness, distortion of perception, agitation). Flushing of the head, dizziness, tinnitus, hearing loss.

Nicotiana tabacum D10

(Tobacco - dry leaves)

Collapse with cold sweat, pallor and cold extremities. Angina pectoris. Migraine.

Strophanthus gratus d6

(Strophanthus attractive - mature seeds)

Cardiac decompensation.


Aesculus hippocastanum D4

(Horse chestnut - fresh ripe seeds, peeled)

Venous congestion, hemorrhoids, varicose nodes, paresthesia.

Headaches in the frontal and occipital parts with dizziness, flickering of "flies" in front of the eyes.

Melilotus officinalis D6

(Sweet clover pharmacy - fresh leaves and flowers)

Headaches with redness of the face, a feeling of pressure over the orbits, cold limbs. Rush of blood to various organs. Renal hypertension. Stagnation in the female genital organs. Nervous and physical exhaustion.

Solanum nigrum D6

(Nightshade black - all fresh flowering plant)

Irritations of the brain and meninges.

Increased nervous irritability. Cramps, disorientation.




Cuprum sulphuricum D6

(copper sulfate)

Muscle cramps starting from the fingers and toes and spreading throughout the body. Arteriosclerosis.

Barium carbonicum d13

(barium carbonate)

High blood pressure. Arteriosclerosis. Physical weakness, loss of strength, feeling of tiredness and numbness in the limbs. Itching of the lower leg. Noise, ringing in the ears.

Plumbum jodatum d18

(lead iodide)

General calcification of blood vessels, high blood pressure.

Progressive muscle atrophy. Weak paresis of any origin.




Vipera berus d10

(Viper venom)

Weakness of cardiovascular activity. Fainting.

Feeling of heaviness in the legs. Ulcers of the lower leg.

The combination of extracts from various organs and biological agents has a stimulating effect in cases of peripheral blood supply disturbances on the blood supply to the brain and heart.

In general, the placenta compositum preparation has a complex effect:

· improves (stimulates) peripheral blood circulation and microcirculation

(venotonic, vasodilator, antispastic)

· trophic (on all tissues and the pituitary gland, which provides hormonal regulation of the body)

Additionally, the drug has:

· analgesic

· detoxification effect.

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