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Pharmacological properties

The preparation of artificial tears, a moisturizer for use in ophthalmology. designed to treat dry eyes. To ensure long-term contact with the cornea and a moisturizing effect, the ophthalmic gel contains a carbomer - a high molecular weight carboxyvinyl polymer (polyacrylate). in addition to adhesive properties, carbomer increases the viscosity of the tear fluid. a drop of the drug forms a protective moisturizing film on the cornea. carbomer polymer chains interact with a layer of mucin on the corneal epithelium. non-ionized carboxylic acid residues in the polymer form hydrogen bonds with mucin molecules. the carbomer also contains more ionized sites that hold water around the molecule due to electrostatic forces. Oftagel increases the thickness of the mucin and aqueous layer of the tear film. polyacrylate is biologically inert, binding to epithelial cells, it does not cause any specific effects. polyacrylate has a pronounced adhesion to the membranes of epithelial cells and the mucin layer of the tear film. thickening of the tear film has a beneficial effect in conditions accompanied by a change in the properties of mucin, for example, with colds, bacterial and fungal infections, and inflammatory eye diseases. the protective function of the tear film is especially important for injuries and erosion of the conjunctiva and cornea. prolonged contact of the tear film with the eye while reducing the secretion of tear fluid is a favorable factor. Oftagel enhances the absorption of ophthalmic preparations with simultaneous use.

The carbomer provides a contact time of the solution with the cornea in the range of 12.5–45 minutes. Due to the significant molecular weight and cross-links in the structure of the carbomer, it is not absorbed by the tissues of the eye and does not enter the systemic circulation.


Dry keratoconjunctivitis, symptomatic treatment of dry eyes.


1 drop of gel in each eye 1–4 times a day.


Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.

Side effects

Short-term tingling sensation and local eye irritation; Immediately after instillation, visual impairment is possible.

special instructions

During treatment with the drug should not wear soft contact lenses; hard contact lenses must be removed before instilling the drug and reinserted no earlier than 15 minutes. during pregnancy and lactation, the drug is used only if the benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the baby.

Since there may be a temporary visual impairment after using the drug (usually it takes 1 minute), you cannot drive vehicles and work with potentially dangerous mechanisms until it is fully restored.


Other ophthalmic products used simultaneously should be instilled at least 15 minutes before the use of ophthalmic gel.


Not described. if necessary, the elimination of the drug can be accelerated by rinsing the eyes with clean water.

Storage conditions

In the dark place at a temperature of 15-25 ° C. the vial with the drug should be stored in a cardboard box in an inverted position to facilitate the flow of gel. an open bottle should be used within 1 month.

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