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for medical treatment


International name 
International patented name: Atropine

Latin name 

general characteristics 
Underlying characteristic:
international that name: atropine; tropinium ether d, l-tropic acid;
basic physical and chemical power: barbaric prozor ridin;
warehouse: 1 ml clean atropina sulfate 10 mg;
additional speeches: sodium metabisulfite, sodium chloride, water for inoculation.

Release form 
Kraplі ochnі, 10 mg / ml, 5 ml in vials

Pharmacotherapeutic group. Take care of the organically sensitive. Mediation and cycloplegism. PBX code S01F A01.

Pharmacological properties 
Pharmacological authorities. 
Pharmacodynamics. Atropine sulfate is essential for the secretion of long and weak vagina, cause tachycardia, shorten atrioventricular activity, lower tonus of smooth organ organs, and a wider range of indifference is possible.
The mechanism of specifying vibro blockade with atropine m-cholereceptors (by lesser amount of fuel to the n-choleoreceptor), who must remain lazy until acetylcholic, so that they can be overcome little by little. Health atropine is called to be involved with cholinergic receptors. It is explained that there is a presence in the ith molecular fragment, a certain challenge is the presence of the endogenous ligand molecule - acetylcholine. Zinitsya, expanded by atropine, do not ring out during the instillation of holistic observances. Maximum midrіaz is present in 30 - 40 days and is taken out for 7 - 10 days, paralich akomodatsіі vidpovidno in 1 - 3 years and is taken in 8 - 12 days.
The systemic effect is the atropine of specifying anticholinergic (cholinergic) life, which can be manifested in the impregnated secret, slunculous, bronchial, palatal glands, frequent heart failure, and often tree, organ of chervino empty that and.). 
Penetrating through the blood-brain-bar’s bar, atropine is flowing into the central nervous system. The drug has changed tone and tremor in patients with parkinsonism (centrally controlled disease), at therapeutic doses of atropine therapy, a large dose center, large doses of medicine, and medical attention.
Pharmacokinetics. Vrachovuyu systemic infusion atropine with cohesion of internal droplets, they have been drunk through the tear duct in the nasopharynx, the drug is easily absorbed in the slit-intestinal tract, the drug becomes available 50%, the period of remission is 13 - 38 years, it is reduced blood, metabolized in the oven, excreted with nirk by 50% in unchanged viglyad.

Indications for use 
Indicated for zasosuvannya. Mistsevo in ophthalmology: diagnosis of increased availability for achieving full-time bottom, for achievement of paralleling of acommodation by means of identification of refractory eye care, central heating, and medical treatment.

Dosage and administration 
Sposib zososuvannya that dozi. With the right method, we grow up and older than 7 years of age to designate 1 - 2 specks 2 - 6 times per day. The maximum increase in atropine, in spite of the relaxation of my illness, I will accelerate the regression of the pathological process, speed up after 30 - 40 hv, average - 7 - 10 days, paralich - 2 days a day.

Side effects 
Pobichna diya. 
Mіstseva dіya: gіperemіya shkіri povіk, gіperemіya і typing con’unctivi, povіk і full-time apple, photophobia, midіaz, paralich akomodatsії, pіdvishchenniyu vnutryshnoochny grip.
Systemic activity: dry mouth, tachycardia, intestinal atony, constipation, sectional darkening, sectional atonya atonea, headache, constipation, impaired tactile sensation.

Prototype. Sensitivity to atropine sulfate is increased. Zakritokutova glaucoma. Child ік to 7 rockіv.

Interaction with other drugs 
Vzєmodiya with іnshimi lіkarskimi tricks. When atropine sulfate is detected with monoamine oxidases, the impaired rhythm of the heart is affected, with the idiom, novocainamide - it is possible to lose the total effect.

Overdose. The drug is tolerated kindly, ala in the same vipadka, it is possible to strengthen the number of days. Likuvannya symptomatic.

Application features 
Features zastosuvannya. When a drug is injected into the conjunctival bowel in a cappuccino, it is necessary to squeeze the dilyanka of the lavish grooms, so that they can memorialize the rosin in the lacrimal canal of the first. In ophthalmologic practice, atropine sulfate is fully stowed up for all of the methods, and in the case of diagnostics, it is more stricter than stomatological training, a maximum of 60 years is required.
When subconjunctual abo parabulbar is introduced for the change of tachycardia, the value is indicated.
A tribute about the closure of contact lines at the hour of closure to Atropine sulfate.
Z oberezhnіstyu to celebrate the patents of the Literary Age (60 60 rock)
Vagіtnіst and lactacium.
Pid hour vaginosti drug designate tilki at times, as long as the measles for mother have overshadowed the potency of potency rhizic for the fetus, or dithini. For an hour of lactation, with the possible development of systemic effects with congestive external rash in the mother, atropine penetrates in the breast, milk and in children can reduce the need for drowsiness and drowsiness.
Children should be given the drug at lower concentrations (0.125%, 0.25%, 0.5%).
In the period of preoccupation, we can take the road to the car and take the most potent and non-unsafe types of activities, which will require increased concentration of respect, speed of psychomotor reactions and speed.

Terms and conditions of storage 
Remember that term. Zberigati at the well is blocked, inaccessible to children, to a person who has been seized in the building at temperatures of 15 - 25 ° С. Termin of Advent - 3 Fate. Termin of affection of a bottle of opening a bottle - 14 db.

Kraplі ochnі, 10 mg / ml, 5 ml in vials

Manufacturer and his address 
Virobnik, region: Filia TOV "The subsidiary plant" GNTsLS "for TOV" The subsidiary plant "GNTsLS", Kharkiv / Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

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