Terms of delivery of medicines abroad from Ukraine

Terms of delivery of medicines abroad from Ukraine

What medicines can be delivered abroad?

• All medicines, namely products that are equated to medicines, need special customs clearance in order to be exported from Ukraine. They also undergo certain control from the customs services in the recipient's country.

• It is possible to deliver samples of medicines directly from the manufacturer with special documentation.

• It is possible to deliver medicines to individuals for treatment, but the package cannot exceed 2 kg. There are also restrictions on the content of up to 5 packs, not in all countries.

• You can deliver almost any medicine abroad, subject to strict observance of weight, price and rules of packaging, labeling and availability of the necessary documents.

• Some countries completely prohibit or significantly restrict the delivery of drugs by courier companies (America, China, Russia).

• Some countries have introduced bans on the import of medicines to individuals and allow legal entities.

• Absolutely all countries have their own customs procedures aimed at controlling imported drugs, these can be pinpoint examinations, checking licenses and prescriptions.

• Sometimes, for the delivery of medicines to the recipient's country, certification of the recipient's country is required.

• You can organize the delivery of vitamins, nutritional supplements, baby food to those countries where these goods are regulated by local legislation, as not drugs.

What medicines are prohibited from being sent abroad from Ukraine?

• Banned brilliant green, iodine, as well as tinctures and other liquids containing alcohol.

• Vaccines.

• Unlabeled medicinal products without instructions.

• Unidentified ampoules, tablets without blister and other forms of drugs

• Narcotic drugs and precursors.

• Medicines that contain alkaloids such as caffeine and ephedrine

• Unlicensed medicines in the recipient country.

• Medicines without instructions.

• Expired medicines.

What medicines are sent abroad more often than usual?

• Algae and biotin, coenzyme, as well as calcium, collagen, fiber.

• Vitamins, minerals, probiotics, protein.

• Homeopathic and diagnostic preparations.

• dietary supplements.

• Tablets for allergies and poisoning.

• Cancer drugs.

• Antiviral as well as antifungal medications.

• Medicines for heart disease.


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