Shipping and payment

Features of delivery and payment

The online pharmacy of original and certified drugs ensures careful delivery of medicines to any country. But it is important to understand that the delivery of international parcels is accompanied by certain mandatory procedures at customs that cannot be avoided. Delivery of medical supplies is not made to crisis regions and regions in which hostilities are taking place.

Please contact specialists before making a purchase in order to clarify the delivery conditions for your country and region, since different countries have their own list of prohibited medicines.

We offer a wide selection of medicines that have positive feedback from customers and are distinguished by the best quality from popular and trusted manufacturers.

A 24-hour support service will answer any question regarding the selected product and its timely delivery.

Payment is made by wire transfer and must be discussed with a specialist.

There are also mandatory rules:

• An order is made through the basket on the site.

• E-mail and telephone are required for consultations.

• The purchase must be paid within 2 days, otherwise it will be canceled.

After the order is placed, you will receive a letter by e-mail, where the details for making the payment will be indicated, and a track code will also be written there, for further tracking the parcel.

We send orders daily, without weekends and breaks, within a day after payment. Delivery times depend on the country in which you live, but on average they do not exceed 2 weeks.

There are medicines that are forbidden to transport. These are drugs that contain psychotropic or narcotic substances that are prescribed exclusively by prescription. It is necessary to carefully study the composition of the selected medications, such as strong pain relievers, sleeping pills, drugs for depression and other diseases associated with the nervous system. Also, drugs for weight loss and appetite reduction are under special control, since they may contain prohibited substances.

It is very important to fill in all the fields of the order form correctly and in full, because a correctly completed form is a guarantee of timely delivery!

We work to ensure that you overcome any ailment by contacting us. Our specialists will be happy to advise you and organize the delivery of drugs as soon as possible.


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