Delivery of drugs after a pandemic

Transportation of pharmaceuticals abroad

The year 2020 was marked by the emergence and rapid spread of a new coronavirus infection around the world, it irrevocably changed the entire medical services market. The online pharmacy was able to adapt to the new market principles faster than other competitors and began to deliver high-quality medicines to many countries of the world.

In recent years, the demand for medicinal and pharmaceutical products, for which the main condition is compliance with the temperature regime, certain restrictions on pressure during delivery and storage, is constantly growing. It is on compliance with all the necessary regimes that the quality and safety of medicines depends.

Delivery of medicines is a difficult task, because violation of permissible temperatures and storage conditions can lead to the loss of medicinal properties and harm health.

What you need to know when delivering medicines abroad?

• In order to receive medicine, vitamins or nutritional supplements at the destination, the participation of the final recipient is required. If he refuses to participate in the registration, does not come to customs, if necessary, does not show documents or does not pay tax, he will not be able to receive the parcel. In this case, it will be destroyed or returned to the sender's region.

• When passing certain customs procedures in the region of destination, the decision to admit or stop the cargo is the responsibility of the customs inspectors.

• In some countries around the world, customs may prohibit the import of medicines.

• In some countries of the world, customs may require additional examinations and additional documents from the final recipient for the parcel with medicines.

• Sometimes they require an original prescription from a local doctor.

• In some countries, you need permission from the authority that regulates the import of medicines. Customs clearance of medicinal goods almost always takes longer than the delivery of regular parcels.

Our online pharmacy, for its part, guarantees the correctness of paperwork, knowledge of the legislation of the recipient's country in the field of drug delivery. It is imperative that you consult with a specialist by phone, e-mail or on the official website before ordering the delivery. We will help to avoid all possible delays that complicate delivery and increase the time of receiving the long-awaited cargo.


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