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Valocormid oral drops

Instruction manual

For medical use of the drug


Active ingredients: 25 ml of the drug contain valerian tincture (1: 5) - 8.33 ml, lily of the valley tincture (1:10) - 8.33 ml, belladonna tincture (1:10) - 4.17 ml, sodium bromide - 3 , 33 g, racemic menthol - 0.208 g;

excipients: purified water.

Dosage form.

Drops are oral. a clear reddish-brown liquid with an aroma of valerian and menthol. when preserved, precipitation is allowed.

Pharmacotherapeutic group.

Sleeping pills and sedatives.

PBX code N05C M50 **.

A combined herbal preparation that has a sedative and antispasmodic effect.

Indications for use.

Cardiovascular neurosis, which is accompanied by bradycardia.


Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug.

Glaucoma, severe cardiac abnormalities, prostatic hypertrophy, kidney disease.

Pregnancy and lactation.

Special warnings.

Use during pregnancy or lactation.

The drug is not used during pregnancy or lactation through the ethanol content.

The ability to influence the reaction rate when driving motor vehicles or other mechanisms.

During the treatment period, it is necessary to refrain from driving a car and carrying out work that is associated with the use of potentially dangerous mechanical devices.


There is no experience with the use of the drug in children, therefore it is not recommended to prescribe it to this category of patients.

Dosage and administration.

Adults apply internally 10–20 drops 2-3 times a day, diluting in a small amount of water. the duration of use depends on the nature, severity of the disease and the achieved therapeutic effect.


Symptoms: dry mouth, thirst, headache, dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, abdominal pain, impaired vision, palpitations.

Treatment: symptomatic.

Side effects.

Drowsiness, depression of emotional reactions, mental depression, decreased mental and physical performance.

With individual hypersensitivity to the drug, local allergic reactions (rashes, itching, hyperemia and swelling of the skin) may develop.

When using valerian preparations for a long time, headache, mental agitation, decreased heart rate, and inhibition of the etching process can be observed.

Interaction with other therapeutic agents and other types of interactions.

Potentiates the effect of sedatives, hypnotics and antispasmodics.

Shelf life.

3 years.

Storage conditions.

Store at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C out of the reach of children.


25 ml in a bottle or 25 ml in a bottle in a pack.

Vacation terms.

Over the counter.


LLC "gkp" pharmaceutical factory ".

The location of the manufacturer and his address of the place of business.

Ukraine, 12430, Zhytomyr region., Zhytomyr district, s. stanishevka, st. Queen, d. 4.

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