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Ginseng tincture for oral use 50 ml

Instruction manual

For medical use of the drug




Active ingredient: 1 bottle contains tincture of ginseng (tincturae ginseng) (1:10) (extractant - ethanol 70.0% (v / v)) - 50 ml.

Dosage form.

Tincture for oral use.

Basic physical and chemical properties: yellowish clear liquid.

During storage, sediment is allowed.

Pharmacotherapeutic group.

Tonic agents. code akh a13a.

Pharmacological properties.


The drug has an adaptogenic, tonic, hypertensive effect. It enhances the processes of excitation in the neurons of the cortex and the stem sections of the brain, improves reflex activity, activates the metabolism, and increases working capacity. The effects of the drug are dose-dependent: when applied in low doses, an increase in excitation and a weakening of inhibitory processes are observed, in high - an increase in the latter.

Clinical characteristics.


Decreased mental and physical disability, asthenic conditions, the recovery period after serious illness, weakened sexual function of neurasthenic origin (as part of complex therapy).


Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. arterial hypertension, increased arousal, insomnia, tendency to bleeding, acute infectious diseases, epilepsy.

Interaction with other drugs and other types of interactions.

Ginseng, tincture enhances the effects of psychostimulants, analgesics, anesthetics, caffeine, camphor, phenamine and other central nervous system stimulants. reduces the effect of sleeping pills, antipsychotics. the drug is a physiological antagonist of barbiturates, so their simultaneous use is not rational. do not use with antidepressants, alcohol.

Perhaps a decrease in the anticoagulant effect of Warfarin, can also interact with other anticoagulants (heparin). The interaction with phenelzine (an MAO inhibitor) is excluded.

The drug increases the clearance of sulfoxidalbendazole (an anti-glacial agent).

In combination with digoxin, it can be used only for its intended purpose, while controlling the increase in the concentration of digoxin in the blood.

The drug is an antagonist of drugs that depress the functions of the central nervous system (tranquilizers, anticonvulsants).

Features of the application.

Ginseng tincture should not be taken in the afternoon. it must be borne in mind that the drug is most effective in the fall and winter.

Shake well before use.

Use during pregnancy or lactation.


The ability to influence the reaction rate when driving vehicles or other mechanisms.

Since the drug contains ethanol, it is not recommended to use ginseng tincture while driving or working with other mechanisms.

Dosage and administration.

Take orally 30-40 minutes before a meal. a single dose for adults is from 15 to 20 drops. take the drug 2 times a day for 30–40 days. repeat courses of treatment after 2 to 3 weeks (if necessary).

Children over the age of 12 years should take 1 drop per 1 year of life.


Apply to children from 12 years old only as directed and under the supervision of a doctor.


Symptoms: headache and dizziness, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, fever, respiratory failure, loss of consciousness, bleeding.

Treatment: gastric lavage, the use of sorbents. Therapy is symptomatic.

Adverse Reactions

Allergic reactions (including redness of the skin, rose-colored rash, itching), bleeding of the gums and nasal mucosa (in severe cases, the presence of traces of blood in the vomit and bowel movements), increased blood pressure, increased irritability, insomnia, headache, tachycardia are possible. , nausea, vomiting.

In case of any adverse reactions, stop treatment and consult a doctor.

Shelf life.

3 years.

Storage conditions.

Store in the original packaging at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.

Keep out of the reach of children.


50 ml in bottles No. 1.

Vacation category.

Over the counter.


Pao Lubnypharm.

The location of the manufacturer and his address of the place of business.

Ukraine, 37500, Poltava region, Lubny, st. Barvinkova, 16.