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active ingredient: methyl salicylate;

1 g of ointment contains methyl salicylate 61.1 mg;

excipients: turpentine oil, racemic camphor, menthol (levomentol), soft white paraffin, lanolin.

Dosage form. Ointment.

Basic physical and chemical properties: the ointment is oily to the touch, yellowish in color, with a characteristic smell and uniform in appearance.

Pharmacotherapeutic group.

Topical remedies for joint and muscle pain. Products containing salicylic acid derivatives. ATX code M02A C.

Pharmacological properties

It is a distraction and is used to temporarily relieve deep pain.

Topical application of an ointment containing methyl salicylate to painful joints affected by arthritis leads to a significant reduction in muscle tension.

After topical application, methyl salicylate penetrates through intact skin and has a systemic effect; the amount of adsorbed drug is sufficient to provide a pronounced analgesic effect.

Clinical characteristics.


As part of complex therapy for:

- mild to moderate muscle pain;

- bruises;

- mild to moderate pain in osteoarthritis and osteoarthritis;

- mild to moderate joint pain;

- moderate pronounced inflammatory processes of the musculoskeletal system.


- hypersensitivity to salicylates and other components of the drug;

- simultaneous treatment with warfarin;

- pregnancy and lactation.

Special security measures.

The drug is intended for external use only.

Avoid applying to sensitive or damaged skin, as well as on a large area.

Lanolin in the ointment can cause skin reactions (contact dermatitis). Absorption increases under the influence of heat or physical exertion. The packaging contains a latex sealer, which can cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals.

Interactions with other drugs and other types of interactions.

Simultaneous use of the drug and oral administration of warfarin potentiates the effect of the latter, which leads to hematological changes.

Application features.

Use during pregnancy or lactation.

It is contraindicated to use the drug during these periods due to the lack of sufficient observational data.

Ability to influence the reaction rate when driving vehicles or other mechanisms.

It doesn't affect you.

Dosage and administration.

Apply approximately 1-2 g of the drug to the damaged area 3 times a day.

The duration of treatment should not exceed 2 weeks.


The drug is not intended for use by children due to insufficient experience of using this category of patients.


With skin use, overdose with the drug is almost impossible, since the amount of the drug in one package does not pose a risk of overdose.

If accidentally taken orally, nausea, vomiting, colic, headache, dizziness, fever, delirium, muscle contractions, convulsions, and nervous system depression up to coma are possible.

Treatment: gastric lavage, the use of saline laxatives (sodium sulfate 30 g/250 ml), large volumes of fluid will help to avoid impaired kidney function.

In case of overdose, you should consult a doctor. Treatment is symptomatic.

Adverse reactions.

Allergies and hypersensitivity to the drug are rare. Of these, the most common are local adverse reactions at the topical level: rash, burning, pain, redness and itching.

Expiration date. 3 years old

Storage conditions.

Store in the original packaging at a temperature not exceeding 25 °C.

Store in a tightly closed tube protected from light and moisture.

Keep out of reach of children.

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