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Pharmacological properties

Adequate intake of vitamins and minerals is usually provided by a varied and balanced diet.

FARMATON KIDDY syrup contains 7 vitamins, mineral calcium and additional lysine.

Lysine is an essential amino acid, which, among other things, plays an important role in bone formation processes. Since essential amino acids cannot be synthesized in the body, you need to take them in sufficient quantities.

B vitamins are necessary for the normalization of metabolic functions.

Calcium is important for bone formation. It enters the body mainly with milk and dairy products.

With poorly balanced or inadequate nutrition, vitamin and mineral substances necessary for children can be ingested in insufficient quantities. Vitamins and minerals eliminate or prevent the violation of cellular metabolism in situations when the need for them increases or with insufficient nutrition. Deficiency of vitamins, minerals and amino acids lysine can cause disorders such as weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, decreased activity, resistance to infections and an increase in the period of convalescence after an illness.


Unbalanced diet, period of active growth, dietary restrictions, convalescence, loss of appetite, period after illness or surgery in children.

increased need for vitamins and an essential amino acid lysine in children during the period of active growth, with loss of appetite, during convalescence, with increased physical exertion, to increase the bodys resistance, productivity and concentration.


Farmaton Kiddy is prescribed at the age of 1 year and older.

Children aged 1 to 5 years - 7.5 ml per day.

School children - 15 ml per day.

Shake the syrup well before use.

Clouding of the syrup may appear due to the presence of excipients, but this does not affect the effectiveness of the drug.

The drug can be diluted with water or mixed with food.

Farmaton Kiddy should be taken with breakfast or lunch.

Farmaton Kiddy can be taken by patients with diabetes (15 ml of syrup contain 3.6 g of carbohydrates, corresponds to 0.36 XE).


Violation of calcium metabolism (hypercalcemia or hypocalcemia); hypervitaminosis d; renal failure, kidney stones containing calcium; with simultaneous treatment with vitamin d drugs; phenylketonuria; hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.

Side effects

Very rarely, allergic reactions to one of the components of the drug occur.

special instructions

The syrup contains aspartame, which includes phenylalanine.

15 ml of syrup contain 12.63 mg of phenylalanine, which can lead to problems in patients with phenylketonuria. The use of the drug in such patients is possible only in case of emergency and under the supervision of a doctor.

15 ml of syrup contain 2.6 g of sorbitol. Children with rare hereditary forms of fructose intolerance should not take the drug.

It is not recommended to be used simultaneously with other drugs containing vitamins and minerals in order to prevent overdose.


Pyridoxine (vitamin b6) may decrease the effectiveness of levodopa due to peripheral decarboxylation.

Thiazide diuretics reduce the excretion of calcium by the kidneys. With simultaneous treatment with thiazide diuretics, there is a risk of hypercalcemia, in this case, the level of calcium in the blood plasma should be regularly monitored.


Cases of overdose are not described.

Acute or prolonged overdose of calcium and vitamin D, especially in susceptible patients, can lead to hypervitaminosis D, hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria and hyperphosphatemia with corresponding complications, such as renal failure, Burnetts syndrome - milk-alkaline syndrome, calcification of blood vessels and tissues, including deposition kidney stones.

Nonspecific symptoms at the beginning of use, such as sudden headache, confusion and gastrointestinal disorders (constipation, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting) may indicate an acute overdose.

If such symptoms occur, treatment should be discontinued. Treatment: symptomatic.

Storage conditions

At a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C. the drug should be used within 30 days after the first opening of the bottle.

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