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Pharmacological properties

A combined preparation containing calcium and colecalciferol. calcium - a vital macrocell, plays an important role in the electrolyte balance of the body. necessary for muscle contraction, nerve impulse conduction, blood coagulation; plays a key role in intracellular signal transmission and regulation of many metabolic processes. calcium is the main inorganic component of the skeleton.

Due to a deficiency of calcium in the body, osteoporosis, osteomalacia, tooth decay, muscle cramps, irritability, insomnia, depression, a tendency to allergies, and other diseases can develop. Children may develop rickets, impaired tooth growth, cramps, allergies, developmental delays, and other diseases.

Vitamin D3 (colecalciferol) is one of the most important regulators of calcium and phosphorus homeostasis. Provides maintenance of physiological concentrations of Ca ions2+ and phosphate in plasma and is necessary for the mineralization of bones and teeth. Vitamin D3 increases the absorption of calcium and phosphate ions in the small intestine and reduces their renal excretion. Vitamin D Deficiency3 causes rickets in children, osteomalacia and osteoporosis in adults.


Primary prevention of osteoporosis and osteomalacia, as well as their adjuvant treatment. the drug is recommended in all cases when there is reduced absorption, poor absorption or increased body need for calcium and vitamin d3, with a decrease in calcium and / or absorption of vitamin d3, which is especially important in adolescents and young people, vegetarians, people who consume little dairy products, menopausal women, the elderly, people who have not been in the sun for a long time (for example, patients with chronic diseases who do not leave their homes for a long time); during pregnancy and lactation.


The usual dose for adults in order to prevent osteoporosis and increase bone mass is 1 tablet per day. if necessary, for example, with adjuvant treatment of osteoporosis and osteomalacia in the elderly, this dose can be increased to 2 tablets per day. the maximum single and daily dose is 2 tablets.

During pregnancy and lactation, the daily dose is 1 tablet.

For children over the age of 10, the usual dose is 1 tablet per day. The tablet should be taken 1 or 1.5 hours after a meal with a glass of water or fruit juice. If necessary, the tablet can be divided into two parts.


Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug, renal failure, hypercalciuria, urolithiasis, the use of other vitamin D drugs, hyperparathyroidism, hypervitaminosis d, hypercalcemia caused by other causes, children under the age of 10 years.

Side effects

Rarely - flatulence, constipation.

special instructions

Foods high in plant fibers and fats reduce calcium absorption, so you should take a break between taking such food and taking the drug.

During pregnancy and lactation, the additional intake of calcium and vitamin D with food should be considered.


Avoid prescribing the drug with other medicines containing vitamin d3 and calcium, in order to avoid overdose and the appearance of hypercalcemia. a break of at least 3 hours between taking the drug and taking antacids, fluoroquinolones, tetracyclines, phenytoin, penicillamine, bisphosphonates is necessary due to the possibility of a decrease in effectiveness. with simultaneous use with thiazide diuretics, a decrease in urinary calcium excretion and a risk of hypercalcemia may occur.


In acute or chronic overdose of the drug, hypercalcemia is possible.symptoms of hypercalcemia - anorexia, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, general weakness, headache. the drug is canceled. prescribe a large amount of fluid inside and a diet with a limited amount of calcium.

Storage conditions

In a dry place at a temperature of 15-25 ° C.

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