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Hepeel N H

Description of the pharmacological action

The drug Hepeel N has a complex effect on the human body due to individual properties and a combination of its 8 components:


Lycopodium D2, D3 (Clown club-shaped)

Inflammatory and other diseases of the hepatobiliary system. Digestive disorders. Various chronic and acute skin diseases. Pathological changes in behavior and mood.

Chelidonium majus D4, D6

(Celandine is large) Inflammatory and other chronic diseases of the hepatobiliary system. Cholelithiasis. Cholangitis. Cholecystitis. Bitter taste in the mouth. Jaundice. Pain under the lower inner angle of the right shoulder blade and under the right costal arch. Biliary colic.

Cinchonapubescens (China) D2, D3

(Cinchona tree) Acute diarrhea. Digestive disorders. Biliary colic. Skin rash. Weaknesses and anemia due to loss of body fluid (for various reasons - bleeding, chronic diarrhea, leukorrhea, galactorrhea, etc.).

Silybum marianum (Carduus marianus) D1, D2 (Thistle)

Diseases of the hepatobiliary system, especially congestion in the portal vein system and pelvic veins. Hemorrhoids.

Veratrumalbum D5, D6 (White hellebore)

Cold sweat, especially on the forehead. Conditions of collapse in gastrointestinal diseases and colic. Aphthous stomatitis, diarrhea, acute gastroenteritis. Mental disorders.

Citrullus colocynthis D5, D6 (Bitter Gourd)

Painful spasms of the gastrointestinal tract and bile ducts. Neuritis and neuralgia, especially in the area of ​​the facial skull and sciatic nerve (sciatica).

Nux moschata (Myristicafragrans) D3, D4 (Nutmeg)

Digestive diseases with flatulence. Bloating. Dyspepsia with flatulence. Hiccups. Intestinal hypodynamia (peristalsis weakness - the stool is soft, but hard to drive out). Extreme dry skin.


Phosphorus D5, D6 (White Phosphorus)

Painful spasms of the digestive system. Severe infections. Developmental disorders. States of exhaustion. Pathology of mood and behavior.

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