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Pharmacological properties

Denotivir is an active substance of an antiviral drug for external use. it inhibits the replication of viruses, including herpes simplex, reduces the duration of the disease, and also when used in the prodromal period can prevent the development of this disease (does not prevent the recurrence of herpes simplex).

Pharmacokinetics In the form of a cream, denotivir does not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, so it is impossible to determine its concentration in blood plasma.


Herpes on the lips and face caused by herpes simplex virus.


Vratizoline is prescribed only for topical use on the skin. Before applying the cream and then wash your hands to prevent transmission of the infection to other areas of the skin. treatment for herpes should begin as soon as possible after the onset of the first symptoms, such as itching and burning. it is necessary to apply a small amount of cream (pea size) 2-3 times a day on herpetic ulcers. treatment usually lasts 5 days. in patients affected by the virus, relapses may occur. in this case, immediately apply Vratizolin cream to prevent the formation of vesicles.


Hypersensitivity to the active substance or other components of the drug.

Side effects

Signs of hypersensitivity, local reactions, such as skin irritation at the site of application, contact dermatitis.

special instructions

Vratizolin is prescribed only for the treatment of herpes, which can appear on any part of the lips and face. can not be applied to mucous membranes, such as lips and eyes (external parts of the lips and eyes). do not use the drug to treat genital herpes. for the treatment of especially complex and often manifested forms of herpes, a doctors consultation is necessary. patients who are infected with herpes simplex virus should be warned of the possibility of the spread of the virus, especially during the occurrence of active skin changes. Avoid contact with the eyes when applying the cream to herpetic ulcers of the lips and face. the preparation contains cetyl alcohol, stearyl alcohol, propylene glycol and parahydroxybenzoates, these components can cause local skin reactions (for example, contact dermatitis), skin irritation or allergic reactions (possibly of a delayed type).

Use during pregnancy and lactation. Due to the lack of data on the effect of the drug on pregnancy, it is not recommended to use the drug during pregnancy and lactation.

Children. Data on the use in children are not available.

The ability to influence the reaction rate when driving vehicles or working with other mechanisms. Does not affect.


Under external conditions, no interactions were noted.


With topical application of cases of overdose was not noted.

Storage conditions

At a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.

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