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NISTATIN OINTMENT ointment 100000 OD / g

Instruction manual

For medical use of the drug

Nystatin ointment

(unguentum nystatini)


Active substance: nystatin;

1 g of ointment contains nystatin 100 000 units;

excipients: OS-20 preparation (a mixture of polyethylene glycol (macrogol) and cetostearyl ether), cetostearyl alcohol, mineral oil, polyethylene oxide-400, purified water.

Dosage form.


Basic physical and chemical properties: homogeneous mass of yellow or slightly brownish color with a slight specific odor.

Pharmacotherapeutic group.

Antifungal drugs used externally in dermatology. antibiotics.

ATX code D01A A01.

Pharmacological properties.


Nystatin is an antibiotic of the polyene group. Its activity is expressed in international units of action (ME). Nystatin acts on pathogenic fungi and especially on yeast-like fungi of the genus Candida, as well as on aspergillus; regarding bacteria is not active.

The drug has moderate hyperosmolar activity, as a result of which it has an antiexudative effect.


Not studied.

Clinical characteristics.


Skin diseases caused by candida fungi.


Hypersensitivity to nystatin or to other components of the drug.

Interaction with other drugs and other types of interactions.

Cross-resistance is observed with a number of polyene antibiotics, for example with amphotericin B. the activity of the drug decreases in the presence of divalent ions, fatty acids.

Features of the application.

Avoid contact with ointment in the eyes and other mucous membranes. in case of contact with ointment, rinse thoroughly with running water.

Do not use Nystatin ointment for tuberculosis and viral skin lesions, staphylococcal pyoderma of the skin.

The composition of the drug includes cetostearyl alcohol, which can lead to the development of local skin reactions such as contact dermatitis.

Use during pregnancy or lactation.

Do not use the drug during pregnancy or lactation.

The ability to influence the reaction rate when driving vehicles or other mechanisms.

Does not affect.

Dosage and administration.

Apply nystatin ointment topically. ointment is applied in a thin layer on the affected surface of the skin 1-2 times a day for 7-10 days.

In case of chronic recurrent and generalized candidiasis, conduct repeated courses of treatment with 2-3 weeks between them.


The drug is not prescribed for children.


Not described.

Adverse Reactions

Allergic reactions, including pruritus, rash, fever, chills.

Shelf life.

3 years.

Storage conditions.

Store in the original packaging at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.

Keep out of the reach of children.


15 g in tubes No. 1.

Vacation category.

On prescription.


Pao Lubnifarm.

The location of the manufacturer and the address of the place of business.

Ukraine, 37500, Lubny, Poltava region, ul. Barvinkova, 16.

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