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Pharmacological properties

Klotrex is an effective antimycotic, antibacterial agent with anti-inflammatory and reparative properties. the antifungal component of the drug - clotrimazole (an imidazole derivative), affecting the cell membrane of fungi, violates its permeability to amino acids, glucose, phosphates, ions + and na +, etc., which leads to the lysis of the microorganism. Clotrimazole is effective against dermatophytes (trichophyton rubrum, trichophyton mentagrophytes, epidermophyton floccosum), yeast-like (candida albicans, candida pseudotropicalis, candida neoformans) and molds (genus aspergillus).

The aminoglycoside gentamicin, which is part of Klotrex, potentiates the effect of the drug against gram-positive staphylococci (including those resistant to penicillin and cephalosporins) and streptococci. Klotrex affects some gram-negative bacteria (Bacteroides spp., Gardnerella vaginalis, as well as Malassezia furtur, Corinebacterium minutissimum). Extracts of calendula and yarrow accelerate the regeneration and epithelization of a wound defect. The hydrophilic base, which has high hyperosmolar activity, promotes the absorption of inflammatory exudate, thereby reducing the concentration of bacteria in the focus of inflammation, the toxins secreted by them, and the decay products of necrotic tissues.

Pharmacokinetics Not described.


  • Dermatophytosis (mycoses of the feet and hands, smooth skin) caused by strains sensitive to the drug, candidal lesions, multi-colored (pityriasis) lichen, erythrasma; skin lesions caused by molds of the genus aspergillus; pyoderma, including gangrenous forms, superficial folliculitis, furunculosis, sycosis, paronychia, infected acne and seborrheic dermatitis; eczema of mycotic or bacterial etiology, secondary bacterial infection with fungal and viral infections of the skin; infected wounds.


Klotrex is used to treat adults; apply the ointment in a thin layer on the affected skin 2-3 times a day under or without an occlusive dressing. the course of treatment depends on the nature, severity of the course of the disease and the area of ​​the affected surface and averages 2-4 weeks. in severe skin diseases, treatment can be extended up to 5-6 weeks.


Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug; During pregnancy and breastfeeding; childhood.

Side effects

Adverse reactions that may be caused by clotrimazole: erythema, burning sensation, the appearance of blisters, peeling of the skin, local edema, itching, urticaria, general skin irritation.

Adverse reactions that may be caused by gentamicin: hyperemia, itching.

Perhaps the development of contact dermatitis, a feeling of pain, dry skin.

special instructions

During treatment with clotrex, other drugs for external use should not be used.

The drug is applied only to the affected area of ​​the skin.

Contact dermatitis can occur after the use of many antifungal agents - imidazole derivatives. There are reports of a cross-hypersensitivity reaction, therefore, in the case of an allergic reaction to any antifungal agent from the group of imidazole derivatives, one should bear in mind the possibility of such a reaction to another drug of the same group. If an allergic reaction occurs, drug treatment should be discontinued.

In the absence of improvement within 2 weeks of treatment of mycotic lesions of the legs or 4 weeks of treatment of dermatomycosis or mycosis of the feet, treatment should be discontinued.

Use during pregnancy and lactation. There are no data on the safety of the use of Klotrex during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Children. The drug is not used to treat children.

The ability to influence the reaction rate when driving vehicles or working with mechanisms.There is no data on the effect of the drug Clotrex on the reaction rate when driving vehicles or working with mechanisms.


The simultaneous use of clotrex with an ointment containing nystatin or amphotericin is not recommended, which can reduce the effectiveness of the drug.


Possible increased individual sensitivity to the components of the drug, rarely - local allergic reactions in the form of skin rash, itching, urticaria.

Treatment: drug withdrawal, symptomatic treatment.

Storage conditions

Store in the original packaging at a temperature of 8-15 ° C.

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