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FURACILIN ear drops, solution 0.066%

Instruction manual

For medical use of the drug

Indications for use:

Chronic purulent otitis media, boils of the external auditory canal.


Increased individual sensitivity to the drug (idiosyncrasy). use is contraindicated in persons with allergic dermatoses.

Mode of application:

Use externally. 8-10 drops of the solution are applied to a cotton swab or turunda and injected into the external auditory meatus 2 times a day. previously, the solution should be heated to body temperature. the duration of treatment is determined by the doctor individually.

Side effects:

The drug is well tolerated. in some cases, dermatitis is possible, which requires a break or cessation of treatment.

Storage conditions:

Store at a temperature not exceeding + 25 degrees, in the original packaging, in a dark place and out of the reach of children.

Holiday Category:

Over the counter.

Tags: Furacilin® [Nitrofural]