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Pharmacological properties

the drug has a calming effect on the central nervous system, and also has a moderate reflex vasodilating (coronarolytic) effect by reflex irritation of the sensitive nerve ("cold") receptors of the oral mucosa. receptor stimulation is accompanied by the induction of the release of endorphins, enkephalins, dynorphins and other peptides, histamine, kinins, which play an important role in reducing pain sensitivity, normalizing vascular permeability and regulating other important mechanisms of the functioning of the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Pharmacokinetics With sublingual administration, Corvalent is absorbed from the mucous membrane of the oral cavity. The therapeutic effect occurs after about 5 minutes. After absorption, it is biotransformed in the liver and excreted in the urine in the form of glucuronides.


Attacks of mild angina, neurosis, hysteria, sea and air sickness, headache associated with the use of nitrates.


The capsule is kept under the tongue until it is completely dissolved. To accelerate the effect, you can crush the capsule with your teeth.

A single dose for adults is 1 capsule (100 mg). The maximum daily dose is 6 capsules (600 mg). The duration of treatment is up to 7 days.


Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug. severe arterial hypotension, acute myocardial infarction.

Side effects

With prolonged use, mild nausea, abdominal discomfort, lacrimation, dizziness, short-term arterial hypotension, drowsiness, which quickly pass on their own, can rarely be observed.

Possible development of allergic reactions, including Quinckes edema, urticaria, rash, itching. Methyl paraben and propyl parahydroxybenzoate, which are part of the drug, can cause allergic reactions (possibly delayed).

special instructions

In cases where pain in the heart does not go away after the use of the drug, it is necessary to consult a doctor to exclude acute coronary syndrome.

The drug does not contain sugar and can be used in patients with diabetes.

Use during pregnancy and lactation. The use of the drug during pregnancy or lactation is possible if, according to the doctor, the expected therapeutic effect exceeds the possible risk to the fetus / child.

Children. There is no experience with the use of the drug in pediatric patients.

The ability to influence the reaction rate when driving vehicles or working with other mechanisms. Caution is necessary in the first hours after taking the drug when driving vehicles or working that requires increased attention, due to possible side effects (dizziness and drowsiness).


Corvaluation enhances the sedative effect of psychotropic drugs, opioid analgesics, alcohol and anesthetics with their simultaneous use.

It is possible to potentiate the action of antihypertensive drugs with their simultaneous use with the drug Corvalment.

Corvaluation reduces the severity of headache caused by the use of nitrates.


Symptoms: headache, nausea, agitation, impaired heart function, lowering blood pressure, central nervous system depression, hypersensitivity reactions to the components of the drug (angioedema, urticaria, pruritus, rash).

Treatment: discontinuation of the drug, symptomatic therapy.

Storage conditions

In the original packaging at temperatures up to 25 ° C.

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