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active ingredients: 2.2 ml of the solution contains: acidum alpha-ketoglutaricum D8 – 22 mg, Acidum arsenicosum D8 – 22 mg, Acidum L (+) – lacticum D6-22 mg, Acidum malicum D8 – 22 mg, Arnica montana D4 – 22 mg, Carbo vegetabilis D18 – 22 mg, Cor suis D8 – 22 mg, Crataegus D6 – 22 mg, hepar Suis D8 – 22 mg, Kalium carbonicum D4 – 22 mg, Kalmia latifolia D4 – 22 mg, Natrium diethyloxalaceticum D8 – 22 mg, nitroglycerinum D4 – 22 mg, Ouabainum D8 – 22 mg, ranunculus bulbosus D6 – 22 mg, Selenicereus grandiflorus D3 – 22 mg, Spigelia anthelmia D10 – 22 mg, Strychnos ignatii D6 – 22 mg;

excipients: sodium chloride, water for injection.

Dosage form. Solution for injection.

Basic physical and chemical properties: clear, colorless, odorless solution.

Pharmacotherapeutic group. Complex homeopathic medicine.

Pharmacological properties.

The drug has angioprotective, antiarrhythmic, cardiotrophic, cardiotonic, antispasmodic and hypotensive effects.

The action of the drug is based on the activation of the body's defenses and normalization of impaired functions due to substances of plant, mineral and animal origin that make up its composition.

Clinical characteristics.

Indications. In the complex treatment of coronary heart disease: with atherosclerosis of the coronary vessels, the condition after a myocardial infarction; with heart failure, cardiac arrhythmia, hypertension, cardiomyopathy, cardiodystrophy, endocarditis, angina pectoris, chronic rheumatic heart disease, myocardial hypertrophy, with emphysema of the lungs, pulmonary heart, violation of pulmonary circulation, obliterating endarteritis, gastrocardial syndrome.

Contraindications. Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.

Interactions with other drugs and other types of interactions. Unknown.

When using any other medications, you should consult your doctor about the possibility of simultaneous use.

Application features.

If the patient suffers from serious heart disease, you should consult your doctor before using the drug. If the patient experiences shortness of breath or pain in the heart area that may spread to the hands, upper abdomen, or throat, seek immediate medical attention.

Taking into account the peculiarities of the course of the disease and the patient's condition, you can change the duration of the course of treatment and the method of application.

At the beginning of treatment, a short-term exacerbation of the existing symptoms of the disease (primary reaction) is possible. This reaction is usually temporary. If symptoms persist, the drug should be discontinued and a doctor should be consulted.

Use during pregnancy or lactation.

The question of the expediency of using the drug during pregnancy or lactation is decided individually by the doctor, taking into account the risk/benefit.

Ability to influence the reaction rate when driving vehicles or other mechanisms. It doesn't affect you.

Dosage and administration.

Single dose: adults − 1 ampoule of 2.2 ML. Apply in the form of intramuscular, subcutaneous, intradermal, if necessary – intravenous (jet and drip) injections, as well as injections into acupuncture points 1-3 times a week.

The course of treatment is 4-6 weeks.

How to open an ampoule

Open carefully.

It is not necessary to cut the glass ampoule. Hold the ampoule upside down at an angle; shake the liquid that is at the top of the ampoule down. Break off the top of the ampoule where the color mark is located. Pour out the unused remaining solution.

Children. The drug should not be used in children.

Overdose. It wasn't noted.

Adverse reactions. In isolated cases, temporary allergic reactions may occur.

Expiration date. 5 years old.

The expiration date determines the use of the drug until the last day of the specified month.

Storage conditions. Store in the original packaging at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.

Keep out of reach of children!

Incompatibility. The drug should not be mixed with other medicinal products in the same container, except for the products of the manufacturer "Biologische heilmittel Heel GmbH" (Biologische heilmittel Heel GmbH).

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