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Pharmacological properties

Hemostatic sponge with ambenom refers to agents that affect blood coagulation. Amben has an antifibrinolytic effect due to competitive inhibition of plasminogen activating factor and inhibition of plasmin formation; hemostatic sponge containing fibrin and thrombin, in the place of its application activates blood coagulation processes. when applied topically, the drug stops capillary and parenchymal bleeding.


A hemostatic sponge with ambene is used in various surgical operations to stop local capillary and parenchymal bleeding, bleeding localized on the surface of the body or in its cavities. the drug is used both with local and with a general increase in fibrinolytic activity. in addition, the drug is used for bleeding from the nose, gums and other hemorrhages in patients with thrombocytopenic purpura, leukemia, hemorrhagic thrombocytopathy, rendu-osler syndrome, cirrhosis of the liver, chronic nephritis.


Locally. before use, the drug is removed from the vial with a sterile instrument. a single dose depends on the nature and severity of bleeding: apply from 1/4 of the sponge to 3-4 sponges or more. after draining the bleeding area, it is tamped with sponge pieces, pressing them to the bleeding surface with a surgical tool with a flat polished surface to avoid loss of part of the sponge. for a soft, longer swab, the sponge can be placed in a gauze swab. tampons are removed after 1 day. if necessary, the sponge is applied to the bleeding area using other methods (spraying, etc.).


Not installed.

Side effects

Not identified.

Storage conditions

In a dry, dark place at a temperature of no higher than 25 ° c.

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