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Pharmacological properties

A balanced mixture of 13 amino acids, 8 of which are essential. with the on / in the introduction is easily absorbed by the body. subject to the provision of energy needs, amino acids are included in the biosynthesis of proteins, contribute to a positive nitrogen balance and eliminate protein deficiency.


Parenteral protein nutrition for hypoproteinemia of various origins due to severe protein loss and the impossibility or sharp restriction of food intake in the natural way:

  • before and after extensive surgery;
  • digestive tract surgery;
  • surgical interventions in maxillofacial surgery;
  • stenosis of various parts of the digestive tract;
  • damage to the esophagus or intestines with caustic substances;
  • head injuries;
  • prolonged deep coma;
  • burn disease;
  • diffuse peritonitis;
  • septic conditions, severe suppurative processes;
  • osteomyelitis;
  • hypoparathyroidism;
  • cancer cachexia;
  • prolonged febrile conditions;
  • severe infectious diseases (meningitis, encephalitis, typhoid fever, cholera);
  • prolonged diarrhea, indomitable vomiting;
  • anorexia.


In / in a drop with a speed of 15-25 drops in 1 min (45–75 ml / h). for the introduction of every 100 ml of the drug, at least 1 hour is required. Before administration, the solution is heated to a temperature of 35–37 ° C.

With partial parenteral nutrition, the daily dose is 400–800 ml for 5 days, with full - 400–1200 ml daily until enteral nutrition is restored.


Disorders of amino acid metabolism, hyperhydration, arterial hypertension, with an increased level of residual nitrogen in the blood, severe impaired liver function, metabolic acidosis, severe circulatory disorders.

Side effects

With rapid administration, hyperemia of the skin of the face, fever, dizziness, nausea, headache, and vomiting are possible.

special instructions

Exceeding the recommended infusion rate leads to incomplete absorption of amino acids and excretion of the components of the drug in the urine. to ensure a more complete assimilation of amino acids, the introduction of the drug is recommended to be combined with the simultaneous infusion of solutions of carbohydrates (dextrose, etc.), vitamins b1, b6, s.

If necessary, the appointment of Aminol in patients with decompensated heart failure, with renal or hepatic insufficiency, the drug is prescribed in reduced doses; with hemorrhagic stroke - taking into account the total volume of injected fluid, which should not exceed 2 l / day.

With long-term administration of Aminol, it is necessary to daily control the osmolarity of blood plasma, the nitrogen content in the urine, the level of electrolytes, blood urea and BOR.

Use only a transparent solution.


It is not recommended to mix with other medicines.


Manifested by progressive renal failure, hypersensitivity reactions. in the presence of the specified phenomena it is necessary to stop infusion. to eliminate hypersensitivity reactions, desensitizing therapy is performed.

Storage conditions

In the dark place at a temperature of 0-25 ° C.

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