is a Ukrainian online pharmacy opened in 2020. We offer more than 7,200 different supplements and medicines, and we also provide international delivery to more than 50 countries.


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The main advantages of delivery
The main advantages of our online is a pharmacy that delivers medicines to over 50 countries.You can place an order by e-mail, phone, or on our website https://delivery-pharm..
Terms of delivery of medicines abroad from Ukraine
Terms of delivery of medicines abroad from UkraineWhat medicines can be delivered abroad?• All medicines, namely products that are equated to medicines, need special customs clearance in order to be e..
Shipping and payment
Features of delivery and paymentThe online pharmacy of original and certified drugs ensures careful delivery of medicines to any country. But it is important to understand that the delivery of interna..
Dna gyrase -
The work of DNA gyrase in bacteria was visualized at the level of single moleculesThe use of new microscopic methods made it possible to reconstruct the picture of DNA gyrase with a resolution of up t..
Delivery of drugs after a pandemic
Transportation of pharmaceuticals abroadThe year 2020 was marked by the emergence and rapid spread of a new coronavirus infection around the world, it irrevocably changed the entire medical services m..

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